2013 Games I’m Looking Forward To

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by Christine Melgarejo


2012 is almost over and as long as we survive the Mayan apocalypse today, we’ve got a whole new year of gaming to look forward to. There are plenty of games coming out in 2013 that we’ve all been waiting a long time for, many which were due this year and were delayed. Others were always  meant for their 2013 glory. The following are the ones I’m most looking forward to:

deadspace3Dead Space 3

Although I’m only a little more than halfway through 2, admittedly, I thoroughly enjoyed 1 and am looking forward to where Isaac’s journey brings us next.  Besides, I’m all about scary games and while one could argue that there are scarier games than the Dead Space series, it’s still given me quite a few good jumps so I’d like to see what they have coming next.



Tomb Raidertombraider

I’m a gamer who missed a big chunk of the Tomb Raider series. Crazy, I know. They always appealed to me, but at the same time, it wasn’t enough for me to want to run out and buy them. This newer addition looks amazing. It’s an origin story of Lara Croft, so for someone like me, it’s a great place to jump in. I also get dazzled by pretty graphics, what can I say.  My feminine penchant for pretty things carries over into video games.



starcraft2Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I’m one of those people who waited with baited breath for Starcraft II to come out, after all those years. I’m also one of those people that dropped $100 on the collector’s edition (which takes up far too much space in one of my shelves under my T.V.). And even though I had some issues with the story of Wings of Liberty, I’m not going to lie; I’m still hooked. And maybe I’m one of the few people who plays Starcraft for the story over the multiplayer, but I really want to see where it heads next.


bioshockBioshock: Infinite

I would be stupid if I wasn’t excited for this game. The first Bioshock, to me, is a masterpiece. The second is a good deal of fun with a strong story, though wasn’t quite as up there as the first.  But because Ken Levine is back as lead designer, I have a lot of faith in Infinite. The game is going to have a “1999″ mode, where decisions are going to have such a great impact on the game that it could possibly make the game’s end unattainable, causing a player to have to go back to a past save and try again.  That sounds like a gameplay mode I want to delve into.


thelastofusThe Last of Us

The Last of Us is the sole reason why I want a PS3. It’s the last of this gen’s consoles that I haven’t obtained and The Last of Us is the driving force, pushing me to get it. Just from the gameplay that was shown at E3, I was intrigued.  Post-apocalyptic awesomeness from Naughty Dog? To me that means great gameplay and a great story that I’m interested in seeing unravel.



remembermeRemember Me

Bad ass female protagonist? Check. Manipulation of memories? Check. Interesting sci-fi plot and atmosphere? Check.  From what little we’ve seen of Remember Me, I look forward to what Capcom might bring to us with this upcoming May release. I’ve heard plenty of arguments that it might end up just being another God of War/Castlevania combat style game with little substance, but I like to give things the benefit of the doubt when we don’t have much to go on just yet.



watchdogsWatch Dogs

I’ve placed Watch Dogs last as we have no confirmation of its release in 2013, but there’s the possibility that it may be released some time later in the year.  Hacking, surveillance  and technological warfare? Sounds cool to me. Plus, the gameplay shown was just downright pretty. Wrap it all up in this mysterious cloak of who are these characters and what is going in this alternate reality city of Chicago and I’m following this game closely.

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