Diablo 3 Does Not Hold Up to Its Predecessor

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by Christine Melgarejo

After fully playing through the story of  Diablo 3 and now making my way through Nightmare, there’s a thought that hit me in the very beginning that now has been confirmed: Diablo 3 is nowhere near as good a game as Diablo 2. It pains me to say this, after all the waiting for this sequel, because I wanted for it to be a great part 3. I wanted to have a great conclusion to the story that I had been wrapped up in. And I wanted the great gameplay I was used to. Instead, I got something sub par that didn’t quite feel like Diablo.

My biggest issue is the story. Now, I’m not saying Diablo has as in depth of a story as say, Asassin’s Creed or Bioshock. But I did thoroughly enjoy what was given to us in both 1 and 2. And I felt like I actually cared to see how things unfolded in 2. I was wrapped up in the story and how it actually tied into each act. Diablo 3 has a poor, rushed story line and for the most part, pretty terrible voice acting.  I felt that, although past characters I loved were brought back, they weren’t properly dealt with.  And I didn’t feel in any way attached to the story. It felt so minor compared to how much it seemed to matter in 2.

Another issue of mine is that the acts just weren’t as enjoyable as the ones I’ve experienced in the past. I felt as though they were a lot shorter than 2 and just not as well fleshed out. I much preferred the forests of old, rather than the battlement. I prefer the surroundings of Lut Gholein more than more boring layout of Caldeum. For a game that took so long to develop, it feel rushed. There isn’t as much rich detail. I also much more preferred the bosses of old.


The randomization of dungeons and maps seems less drastic as well. It was the highlight of playing the first 2 games and it feels sort of lost in this one. I think it is something that can definitely be fixed, but for now, it is disappointing.

I also don’t love the leveling system, for a variety of reasons. Gone are the days of the typical skill tree. I don’t like that I can’t choose from a variety of skills, nor strengthen particular skills in a way that makes my character more customized. I play a demon hunter and I feel stuck playing her in a fairly limited way. Where as in 2, people had so many different combinations of skills and weapons, it was interesting to see what kind of player I’d team up with next.

Leveling is also too easy, at least at the moment. Admittedly, I’m only level 38. but I feel like it’s been barely a challenge and I’m more than halfway towards the cap.  Leveling used to actually take some time. I’m not saying I want to spend months trying to reach the cap, I just wish for a bit more satisfaction as I do climb the ladder.

Diablo 3 is fun, at its core. But it does not have that pull and appeal that 2 did for me. Will I be playing it years down the line like it’s predecessor? Probably not.


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