Retro Revisits: Final Fantasy Tactics

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By Heinreich T. Sioson

Ah Final Fantasy Tactics: I loved and still love this game.  In fact, it’s my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.  It was released during the PS1 era when Square Enix’s franchise was still good (*cough* FFXIII *cough*).  It told the story of a hero trying to unravel the true conspiracy behind a conflict that has been waging for a very long time in the kingdom of Ivalice.  You control Ramza Beoulve and his band of fighters in turn-based battles on grid maps.  This is familiar territory to most of us.

Final Fantasy Tactics

I was a teenager at the time and I remember being blown away by how complex and deep the story went.  There were so many twists and turns at first it was hard to keep track of.  But I was one of those geeks who would read every single piece of background data on the people, places, and events in the game; I would always look forward to seeing the in-game log being updated after a major battle or story turn.  The game also introduced me to my most hated character in RPG-dom, even more than Sephiroth in FFVII.  His name is Delita Hyral.  God.  I hate this guy.  He was arguably responsible for a great many of the unfortunate events of the game and he, in the end, would receive all the credit for having “saved” the kingdom.  ARGH!  Everyone was pawn to this guy and yet he was elevated to the highest seat of power.  Damn you Delita!  To this day his name is a curse upon my lips.

Final Fantasy Tactics

F you Delita & the chocobo you rode in on!

But on the other hand, one of my favorite characters in the game was Count Orlandeau, a.k.a. Thunder God Cid.  Why?  Because he was a damn beast is why!  He was such a powerful character to use he could clear an entire map by himself.  And this was possible even when you first got him into your party!  I relied on him so much that the one or two times he actually fell in combat I automatically reset the game because I felt that if he died I stood no chance to win the battle.

God, how much I love Final Fantasy Tactics.  I still have the original disc as well as the PSP version and downloadable version from the PSN.  They should release a true sequel to this game for real.

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